Plant foods have a better calorie ratio than animal foods. When plant calories are converted to animal calories for livestock to produce meat, milk and eggs, the calories from grains and oilseeds take a detour from the field. Relatively more calories are consumed in this process. The calorie efficiency is therefore higher for plant foods. Energy is also lost in the process. The energy efficiency is even better if the products are processed as little as possible. The efficiency of food has also another aspect:

Man is the only living being which dislikes raw food found in the natural state. All other animals eat things as grain, grass, leaves, shoots, fruits. Man boils, fries, melts, mixes and adopts various methods of cooking in order to satisfy the cravings of the tongue, the eye and the nose. As a consequence, the food value of these articles are either reduced or destroyed. When the seeds are fried, they do not sprout; that is clear proof that the ‘life-force’ is eliminated. Therefore, uncooked raw pulses just sprouting, are to be preferred. Also nuts and fruits. The coconut, offered to the Gods, is a good Sattvik (pure) food, having good percentage of protein besides fat, starch and minerals. Food having too much salt or pepper is Rajasik (passionrousing) and should be avoided; so also too much fat and starch, which are Tamasik (disposed to inactivity) in their effects on the body, should be avoided.

Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 14, 21-9-1979

Eat a plant-based diet as efficiently as possible