Programme of Ceiling on Desires

Reduce waste, transform your life, be the change

Sri Sathya Sai Baba started the programme Ceiling in Desires in the year 1983 during the 10th All India Conference of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. When practised, this programme has a largely positive and sustainable impact on individuals, families, societies, nations and nature. It is a way to overcome the great global challenges we are facing in our time. This programme is universal. It is open to everybody, may you be a spiritual seeker, a humanitarian or a climate activist. It is also a programme that fosters happiness in you, your family, friends and community.

Ceiling on Desires reduces waste in four components:

Less stress, more resources and contentment

The programme has a threefold benefit:

  • On the one hand, you reduce your desires and consciously avoid waste in the unnecessary consumption of energy, food, money and time.
  • On the other hand, you have more resources available and can utilize them for a good purpose.
  • In addition to minimalism, the programme helps to decrease stress. It supports mental peace, emotional balance and contentment.

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If one escapes only from the responsibilities of life in society, peace cannot be enjoyed; it will never come. But, if desires (vasanas) are controlled and eliminated, there is no need at all to run away. Content with what one has, refusing to be worried by the absence of things that one hasn’t, and trying as far as possible to reduce and eliminate desires and passions and hatreds, one should strive to cultivate truth, righteousness, love, and patience (sahana). Cultivate them, and at the same time, practise them systematically. This is the real duty of humanity, the real purpose of human birth. If the above-mentioned four qualities are cultivated and practised by each, there will be no envy between people, selfish grabbing will cease, the interests of others will be respected, and world peace can be stabilised!

Sri Sathy Sai, Ch 15, Prasanthi Vahini

Resources for good purposes

How to use the resources you are saving?

One idea is to support the project Sri Sathya Sai Prema Tharu, planting of trees for a better environment. Sciences knows that tree planting is the best thing an individual can do to help the environment and climate.

Or you can find any other good ways to use them to serve others and the planet. We wish you success in all your efforts to achieve the goal.

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You are invited to participate in this programme, get inspired by others who share their ideas on how to put them into practice, and also inspire others with your own ideas. That way, the practice can expand into bigger and bigger circles for the welfare of our planet, the climate and all humans and animals. Share insprirations how to avoid waste of

These four categories, as you will realise, are also interrelated. Avoiding waste in one field will free up resources in other field as well. For example: If you cancel your video subscription you save money, time (watch less) and energy (less electricity). If you have other ideas, please contact us:

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