Do not waste energy

Don’t waste energy: A small illustration in this connection. You have turned the radio to a particular station. Whether the volume is kept high or low, whether you listen or not, so many units of electrical energy will be wasted. Likewise your body is a radio. You are constantly engaged in thinking as well as talking in a loud or low tone, talking to others or to yourself, talking while awake and even while asleep. Due to such continuous talking day and night, how much of energy is being wasted, thereby causing allergy in your lives. Every action involves the use of energy. If the energy in the body is properly utilised, then balance will be maintained and the body will be in good shape.

Sri Sathya Sai, Summer Showers 1990, Chapter 3

People waste their energy by indulging in bad thoughts, bad looks, bad hearing and bad action. The right royal road is:

See no evil, see what is good.

Hear no evil, hear what is good.

Talk no evil, talk what is good.

Think no evil, think what is good.

Do no evil, do what is good. It is by translating the above instructions into practice you will be sanctifying your time. This is the ‘Sadhana’ and the service that you have to practice.

Sri Sathya Sai, Summer Showers In Brindavan 1993, Chapter 6

Inspirations to avoid waste of energy