Anger and hate consume your energy. Anger causes physical and mental stress that is not health-promoting. But, several technics will help you to calm down when anger arises. Then you will be able to face the situation that causes anger in you more consciously. You will better be able to find a solution to a conflict without harming yourself and others. You save your energy. Here are some suggestions:

“Whenever bad qualities like anger and jealousy crop up in you, do not be carried away by them. Control them. Keep telling yourself, “Anger is a bad quality. It will lead to bad actions and ultimately put me to ruin.” When you are angry, sit quietly in one place and drink cold water. Chant the Divine Name. Then your anger will gradually subside. If your anger persists, go to a place of solitude and walk briskly for half a mile. There are many easy paths to control one’s anger. But the youth today are not making any effort to control their anger. When they get angry, they take it as an opportunity to hurl abuses at others. It is the worst sin. Through prayer and contemplation on God, you should try to control the evil qualities in you.”

Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 33, Guru Purnima, 5.7.2001, Prasanthi Nilayam

Control anger, keep your physical and mental energy